5S Supply’s Help for Haiti

January 27, 2010

We at 5S Supply join the world in sorrow over the devastation resulting from the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. Of course, the first inclination was to send a monetary donation but we wanted to try to be a little more creative with a contribution. Seeing that the need is great for any type of supplies and they are in the “supply” business, the thought was to look through our own 5S Red Tag Holding Area and see what could be sent for the relief efforts. We also searched for products from our “Shine” items (the third “S” in 5S) to help with the clean-up.
5S Supply will be sending buckets, scrub brushes, sponges, spray bottles, wipes and other items that they hope can make cleaning and rebuilding easier. Director of Customer Care, Jennifer Molski noted, “We have the supplies and sending them to Haiti is a perfect fit. This country had little before this disaster and now they have nothing.”

The team at 5S Supply hopes the modest donation may make a small dent in the clean up efforts. 5S Supply encourages others in the industry to consider sending similar provisions. Every little bit helps. Our prayers and healing thoughts are with everyone affected by this disaster.

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