5S Five Things Five Weeks – Week Three

February 15, 2010

Two weeks down, three to go. Let’s review Week 2’s items and see where we stand.

1. Check out your 5S Red Tag Holding Area to see if there is anything you can use in your work area. Follow your standards for removing items from the red tag area. Remember only to take something if you truly need it, otherwise you are defeating the purpose of the first “S” Sort. This also helps reduce costs and by recycling items you are helping make Lean Green.

I found some nice locking casters that will work perfectly to make our fan mobile when it gets warmer out. I put a note on them that we need to hold them for at least another month.

2. Make sure that you have red tags located conveniently in your work area. Have a dedicated home (2nd “S” Set-in-Order) for your 5S Red Tags. This location should be easy to get to for people in your work area. Think P-O-U-S (point of use storage).

We decided to put a 5S Red Tag Holder over by our Assembly Stations. We might recall from the last post, Assembly Station #1 had become a dumping ground. By locating the 5S Red Tag Holder by the Assembly area we hope to accomplish two things: 1) the 5S Red Tags are very convenient for people to grab, fill out and place on an unneeded item, and 2) by having the 5S Red Tag Holder there it visually elevates the importance of 5S Red Tagging; it shows the employees that we are serious about maintaining a productive and efficient 5S program.

3. Take the initiative and go to your supervisor or team leader and request that you hold a short 5S team meeting next week. Possible discussion topics could include:
• Go over the 5S article you found last week with the team and see what they think
• Review your recent 5S Audit scores
• Brainstorm ideas to improve your 5S program
• How can we sustain our gains?
• Share 5S best practices

We have a short team meeting scheduled for Friday. We will be discussing our 5S implementation plan and how we can continue the work we have already started.

4. Read one of those articles that you found last week. Make notes, come up with other ideas and see what you can apply at your organization. Maybe you can use it for your meeting.

I found the article 5S – Shadows Boards Are Bad and Reflection is Good from the Lean is Good blog. It helped us realize that when we decide to use a tool shadow board that it has to make things easier, most efficient and safe; not just look good.

5. Do a quick scan to see if any of your signs, lines or labeling needs to be updated, repaired or replaced. Make a list and give it to the appropriate person or if possible fix it yourself.

We found some floor tape that was not needed anymore. It was primarily a sample of how black & yellow striped vinyl floor tape gets your attention and shows a possible safety hazard. We removed it from the floor and cleaned the area.

So that’s the update for Week 2, let’s move on to Week 3.

Week 3

1. Hold a short 5S team meeting.

2. Check to see if you have all your “Shine” supplies. Does anything need to be ordered or replaced?

3. Look for a new standard to create for the fourth “S” – Standardize.

4. See if there are any opportunities to apply Reward & Recognition to your team or any outstanding individual with regards to your 5S program.

5. Do a 15 minute titivate (to spruce up, to clean, to beautify) before you go home. Get your work area looking nice so you can kick-off next week ready to go.

I hope you have been able to keep up. I know it’s been a challenge on our end. We just have to make time to do it, but the results have been great so far.

Let me know how you are doing or you can make a suggestion for the upcoming weeks 5S Five Things Five Week Challenge.

Best of luck,


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