5S Five Things Five Weeks – Week Five

March 1, 2010

Well, we made it to the last week. We’re in the home stretch now. This 5S Five Things Five Week program has been a challenge, but I know I have gained a deeper appreciation for 5S by doing it. So let’s review Week 4 and see what’s on tap for Week 5.

Review of Week 4

1. Sign up for the free Webinar “What is 5S?” an introduction to 5S this Wednesday, February 24. For bonus points, pass along the information to a friend, colleague, or another company that you think may be interested.

We had a great response to the free webinar “What is 5S”. This one-hour webinar is a brief introduction or overview to 5S. Using a webinar format allows people with an internet connection and a telephone to train as many team members as they want to. For March, we will be adding a new Webinar “5S for the Office”. This will highlight the benefits for 5S in office and support function areas and how it is different from the factory floor style 5S.

2. Take a “Before” photo of an area or a spot where you will be able to make an improvement in our Week #5 assignments.

I decided that we needed to work on our Shipping Area Workbench. Having the photo really makes issues “pop”. We will use this to improve the work area.

3. Look in an office area and see if you can find something that needs a “home” and Set-in-Order.

We keep a lot of different styles, sizes and colors of paper by our copier. Each has it own use and need (hey, I have to have 11” x 17” for my A3’s). It was getting out of control, so we spent some time to organize it. We even discovered that we were storing things there that didn’t need to be there so we red tagged them. Now, each of the types of paper we have has a “home”.

4. See if you can find one “Best Practice”, document it and share it with your team. It doesn’t have to be something big; something simple and easy if fine.

We use post-it notes to capture good ideas and then place them on our obeya wall. This allows us to review the ideas and see how it fits with our Hoshin Planning. We write the heading or topic at the top and then a brief description of the idea. We use what we call the “Six Month Rule” meaning would we understand what you wrote down six months from now. For example, if someone wrote “More Training” that probably wouldn’t be clear enough. But if someone wrote “More training on 5S Red Tagging” that would be better.

5. Check your 5S Red Tag stock. Do you have enough Red Tags for your area?

I have to admit, that was an easy one for us. We have four different styles of 5S Red Tags for use (but, we mostly use two styles – ones with wire and 5S Sticky Tags for the office). While looking around it did become apparent that having a few more 5S Red Tag Holders would be handy.

On to Week 5

1. To help “Sustain” review your 5S audit scores and even your audit sheets. Do your audit sheets need to be updated, edited or modified?

2. Improve the area from the photo you took in Week 4 #2.

3. Take some time to reflect on what you went through – what worked? What didn’t? What can we improve for next time? What did we learn? Were we able to instill any new and better habits?

4. Consider writing up a short article for your company newsletter or something you can share with your boss and team. Maybe it will inspire other people in your organization to add a little focus on your 5S program.

5. Celebrate! You made it through the 5S Five Things Five Week Challenge!

Hang in there, you’re almost done; well actually 5S is never done. But our Challenge will be over soon. Knock these few things out this week. We’ll see how we did overall next week.

I would really like to hear your comments about the challenge. – Tony

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