5S for the Office – Examples

March 30, 2010

While preparing to present a webinar on “5S for the Office” I had a chance to review some real-world examples of kaizen (incremental improvements) that were created while guiding clients during 5S events. I thought it would be a good thing to share some of these ideas so that others may learn from them, share, improve or just take the idea and run with it.

I’ll break these down into the format that we use for what we call “One Good Idea” which includes: the problem, solution, benefits, before and after photos (if we have them) and a “Thanks to” to acknowledge people that helped with the idea. I’ll start with a few now and try to add some more this week.

One Good Idea – Surprise! Supply Cabinet

Problem – Items in cabinet were obsolete, unorganized, took time to find what you needed, it was like finding a surprise!
Solution – Organized the cabinet, used Visual controls

Before and After of the "Surprise!" Supply Cabinet

Benefits – Everyone passed the 30-second test (you can find things within 30 seconds), Easier to reorder supplies
Thanks to – Pete H.

One Good Idea – The Big Honkin’ Binder

Problem – Large, heavy binders were hard to grab and if another person was using it you would have to wait
Solution – Used smaller binders, marked to indicate if any where missing

Before and After Photo of the Big Honkin' Binders

Benefits – Easier to grab and use
Thanks to – Randa A.

One Good Idea – Overwhelming Work

Problem – An engineer was overwhelmed with work with constantly changing priorities, this led to projects being delayed or worked on when not needed
Solution – Since there was always some paperwork and folders associated with projects, the engineer and manager decided to use a file folder holder.
If the holder was full, then the manager had to remove a folder in order to add a new project.

Controlled number of projects

Benefits – Visual, priorities were easily recognized, reduced stress
Thanks to – A. Happy Engr

What do you think?

Do you have “One Good Idea” (or several) you would like to share? Please send them.

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