Three Cheers for 2010

December 31, 2010

I would like to give three cheers to 5S Supply as we close-out Year 2010!

Cheer #1 – Expanding our website way beyond just 5S

Throughout the year we continually added new products and services, but I am especially proud that in August we introduced hundreds of products related to Lean. In our original hoshin plan for 5S Supply we purposely started out with items specific to 5S. We wanted to prove the idea that a web-based business focused on having items for people performing kaizen events was feasible. Even four years ago we had in our hoshin plan to expand beyond 5S into all aspects of Lean. Now we offer the largest selections of items for Lean practitioners.

Cheer #2 – Great New Products

One of the main things that sets 5S Supply apart from our competition is our creation of unique and innovative items based on our real-world experience in leading kaizen events for clients. Two items that were top sellers in 2010 were our Tool Tracer Vinyl and 5S Sticky Tags. Our Tool Tracer Vinyl is an economical way to visually create shadows for items for easy identification, retrieval and recoil. We purposely gave our customers the option of multiple colors and in two styles – sheets or rolls.

The 5S Sticky Tag was invented by our very own Customer Care Manager, Jennifer Molski, when she participated in a 5S Event in an office setting. She noticed that when the participants were 5S Red Tagging they would just tape the tags to the items. She wondered why we couldn’t just have a post-it style tag and voila, the 5S Sticky Tag was born.

Cheer #3 – Free Stuff

One of our top downloads for 2010 was our version of the 5S Numbers Game. This is a great way to train anyone in the basic concepts of 5S. We created a PowerPoint presentation along with all the forms needed to share this training with your employees.

Another top winner in the Free category were our 5S Supply Lean Webinars. We decided to offer a free webinar during our fourth anniversary month of August and it was a big success. Since then, we continue to offer free webinars. Our 2011 series will be starting soon. Check back for more details.

So three cheers to 5S Supply, our partners and our customers! Without you we couldn’t be helping the world be a better place through Lean implementations. So here’s to 2011! All the best in the New Year. – Tony

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