Do You Waste Time Searching for Things?

February 26, 2011

Hey everybody, we’re trying somethine new here at 5S Supply. You have a choice! Read the post or watch the video – which ever is more convenient for you. Find Things Fast!

Searching is Waste

I remember reading a report years ago that stated people spend on average 28 minutes a day searching for items. What a waste! That’s why 5S (and 5S Supply) can help reduce this frustrating search time. While thinking of this and always trying to enhance our customer’s experience we wanted to improve our website’s search functions. We want you to spend your time in a more productive manner. Here are a couple of ways we have made your search easier and faster.

Browse by Category and Browse by Subject Menus

These drop-down menus are conveniently located in the upper left side of each webpage and stand-out with their red color. Items in these menus are listed group order and alphabetically. “Browse by Category” is helpful for people looking for items that are grouped together like books, DVDs, Tags, Tool Organization and more. The fly-outs will help you find a specific Lean subject. Another way to do a fast search is to use the “Browse by Subject” menu. This is geared for people that know which Lean subject they are interested in and what to see which products we offer in those areas. I’d like to point out that we have conveniently listed items like A3/Problem Solving, Lean Healthcare, Lean Office, Lean Six Sigma, and many more. To help with a quick search the fly-out menus will quickly get you to training kits & forms, software, and other categories. As you can imagine, each menu has the elements of the other for easy cross-references and to make finding things a breeze.

New Search function

Our new search bar in the upper-right of the page has been enhanced to be more intuitive. Its auto-populate feature begins searching as soon as you start typing. It quickly scans our site to match your query. This predicted text module mimics Google (without all the ads) to help you find what you need fast!


So by the time you finish reading this or in the time it took to watch the video, you would have found want you were looking for and able to check out quickly at 5S Supply.

How can we apply these concepts to others area of our work or life? If you have any suggestions for our website please let us know at info@5Ssupply.com or call us at 888 4 LEAN 5S (888-453-2657).

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