Lean and Six Sigma Simplified

March 7, 2011

A great webinar and free software too!

Tom Dunn of D-bar Innovations

We were very pleased with the attendance and participation of our webinar “Lean and Six Sigma Simplified” on February 28, 2011. Thomas Dunn from D-bar Innovations did a great job of explaining elements of LSS and several aspects of the software he developed.

There were a few things that really caught my attention regarding the software that I think any Lean Champion, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Black belt or Green Belt would appreciate.

The Tools – I was very impressed with all the tools that were available with this software. If you needed a tool, wanted a suggestion for which tool to use, or needed a template or spreadsheet this software had it. It was very easy to access the tools and they even provided coaching tips on how to use them. I think the software is worth having just for that feature alone.

Project Selection – whether you’re a big company or small knowing which projects to work on is extremely important. I liked how prospective projects were entered into the system and criteria selected to see how this project would stack up against others and whether it was driving the organization’s business plan forward.

Tracking – this is probably what sets this software apart from others. This system is designed with management in mind. The implementers input their information that becomes available to management. This leads to better knowledge sharing, best practices and utilization of resources.

Here is what some of our participants had to say about the webinar:

  • Excellent presentation!  Very informative. – eric@
  • The duration of the seminar I really appreciated and that combined with the technical knowledge shared will surely have me back for the next one. – j@
  • I was blown away that we get a copy of the stand-alone package for free. That turned this around from a sales pitch to a very interesting presentation. I can’t wait to try out the software – peter@
  • As a Minitab newbie, this software seems like it can do everything Minitab can do, but it appears to be more user-friendly. – kara@
  • My attention was focused on every aspect of the discussion because he discussed things I had not thought about and solutions to things that have faced me in the past. I would like more information to the software. He made a statement that it could be downloaded and that surprised me. mike@

Free Webinar and Free Software

Here are the links if you are interested in watching the webinar “Lean Six Sigma Simplified” or would like to download a free fully functional single-user copy of the software Hawkeye Process Improvement Management System Software. The good news is that there are two versions – one for manufacturing and one tailored for healthcare.

Don’t forget to check out our next free webinar “Lean Office and Service Simplified” with author Drew Locher on March 23, 2011.

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