Calling all Healthcare Professionals – We have three new books on Lean Healthcare and a special offer for you!

July 26, 2011

5S Supply is your source for Lean Healthcare and we just added three new books to our selection!

  • Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey
  • Sustaining Lean in Healthcare
  • Leveraging Lean in Healthcare

Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey

See how lean is applied in real-world healthcare and hospital situations with case studies and practical information. Written by remarkable change agents from the front lines at Seattle Children’s and other forward-thinking organizations, this book discusses ways to transform key personnel into change agents and engage all staff in a patient-focused culture dedicated to eliminating waste and improving all aspects of quality and care.

Authors: Joan Wellman, Howard Jeffries, Pat Hagan

292 pages


Regular Price: $59.00                      Introductory Price $50.00

Special Offer – combine “Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey” with 5S for Healthcare DVD and save even more!

Leveraging Lean in Healthcare

This book will help to take you out of your comfort zone and provide you with new ways to extend value to your customers. It drives home the importance of the Lean Six Sigma journey. The pursuit of continuous improvement is a journey with no end. Consequently, the opportunities are endless as to what you and your organization can accomplish.

Authors: Charles Protzman, George Mayzell, MD, Joyce Kerpchar

402 pages


Regular Price: $74.00                      Introductory Price $63.00






Sustaining Lean in Healthcare

One of the first books to focus on physician engagement during a Lean effort, Sustaining Lean in Healthcare: Developing and Engaging Physician Leadership explains how to ensure ongoing physician participation long after the consultant leaves. Dr. Michael Nelson, an early adopter of Lean in healthcare, explains how to use these synergistic tools to achieve consistently high levels of quality and clinical care outcomes.

Author: Michael Nelson

148 pages


Regular Price: $59.00                      Introductory Price $50.00


Another Special Offer

Combine the book “On the Mend” with the DVD Thinking Lean at ThedaCare: Strategy Deployment and save over $20!








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