SME/AME’s TPM Blitz DVD World Premiere

October 4, 2011

Tony and Mike

The world premiere of the Total Productive Maintenance Blitz DVD from the Society for Manufacturing Engineers in conjunction with the Association of Manufacturing Excellence took place on Tuesday, September 21, 2011 at Modern Drop Forge (MDF) located just south of Chicago in Blue Island, Illinois. MDF is a 97 year old die-forging plant that makes parts for the auto industry. Over 30 people attended the premiere which included the cross-functional team that worked on the project in addition to the CEO, CFO, and TPM Coordinator. Attendees were treated to a pizza lunch complete with plenty of popcorn during the show! 5S Supply was the proud sponsor of the event.

After the film the participants of MDF shared their impressions of the film which included:

  • Two thumbs up!”
  • “Great perspective on the behind-the-scenes activities that are needed to support production.”
  • “ I felt proud to be involved with such a professional film.”
  •  “This DVD is a must see for anyone interested in using TPM to increase production and reduce waste.”

SME filmed Total Productive Maintenance Blitz in October of 2010 at MDF during a TPM event. Team members immersed themselves in a four-day total productive maintenance kaizen event on one of their more challenging manufacturing cells.  A total of 17 hours of film were edited into a 30-minute final product. Our very own Tony Manos of 5S Supply served as the facilitator and wrote the script for the DVD. See a preview below.

The program highlights how the team established which equipment to focus on, identified potential problems, determined root causes for underperforming equipment, and then brainstormed improvement ideas. The team then quickly implemented over 50 ideas, which resulted in the company saving over $50,000 per year by reducing production downtime by 50% and scrap by 10%.  TPM is a critical element of any successful lean enterprise that relies heavily on their machines and equipment.

Jennifer Molski

5S Supply

Customer Care

World Premiere Special!

5S Supply is offering the Total Productive Maintenance Blitz DVD (TRV-065) for $129 (regularly priced at $149).  When checking out, just enter discount code TPMWP.  Coupon is valid through October 30, 2011.

Watch a preview

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