Top 10 Reasons to Visit 5S Supply at AME2011

October 21, 2011

We hope to see you at the AME Conference in Dallas next week. To assist in your planning and to maximize the use of your time, we wanted to provide a fun, short list of reasons to ‘go see’ us at 5S Supply.

Here are the Top Ten reasons to visit us at 5S Supply in Booth #506:

  1. We’re a conference sponsor – This is our first time exhibiting at the premiere conference on lean and we’d love to meet you.   As a Silver Sponsor of this event, we hope to help make your experience more enjoyable and educational.   Come and let us know what you think of our brand new displays.
  2. Red Tag Toss – Just Toss & Win!  Test your skill and have a little fun with our one-of-a kind game.  All participants receive a prize!
  3. Unique & Innovative Products – At 5S Supply we pride ourselves in offering new and inventive products that were created based on our real-world experience in leading Lean initiatives.  These include Red Tag Boards, Sticky Tags, Event Carts, Shadows & Boards, Gauge Range, Magwear, Holders, and Reward & Recognition items including hats, t-shirts, pens and pins.  Ask for your FREE sample while supplies last!
  4. Meet – This is your chance to meet one of the author’s of Lean Kaizen and the writer of the brand-new Total Productive Maintenance Blitz DVD (from SME and AME), our very own Lean Champion, Tony Manos.
  5. Fivesennall – Are your lean efforts getting you down?  We have just what the doctor ordered!  Come and ask us for a free bottle of Fivesennall.  It’s sure to be the cure for what ails you (or just taste good)!
  6. Feedback – At 5S Supply we want to hear from our customers.  We strive for Continuous Improvement and are always eager to hear from Lean implementers as to how we can better serve you.  Got an idea for a new product? We’d love to hear it.  Come and share!
  7. Tweets – We’ll be Tweeting all throughout the conference.  You can follow us www.twitter.com/5Ssupply or search for hash tag #AMEConf2011.
  8. Training – We are truly passionate about Lean.  We are real-world Lean experts who can assist with all of your implementation needs, from training to deployment.
  9. Meet the Presenter – Our Lean Champion, Tony Manos is presenting two workshops at the Conference. Hoshin Planning on Monday and Quick Changeover on Friday.
  10. More Free Stuff – At 5S Supply we offer free training tools including newsletter templates, audit sheets, Find-A-Words, the 5S Numbers Game and more.  We also offer FREE Webinars on a variety of Lean topics.  Our goal is to advance knowledge and understanding of Lean.  To keep informed of these events and other promotions you can sign up on our website at www.5Ssupply.com

“Sure hope y’all have a good time in Texas and come and say hello!”

Jennifer Molski
Customer Care Manager

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