Lean is Green – 5S Supply Volunteers for E-cycling Program

October 23, 2011

Jennifer & Tony of 5S Supply volunteering for e-cycling

5S Supply helps out local organizations as they accept electronics for recycling. 5S Supply has a history of helping when it comes to lean & green initiatives (see Giving Back).

H-F Green Team Electronics Recycling

This event was sponsored by the HF Green Team and Vintage Tech Recyclers. HF Team Members: the Villages of Homewood and Flossmoor, Homewood and Flossmoor Public Libraries, School Districts 161 and 153, HF High School and HF Park District.

Leave it to the lean guy to try to help create flow during the event. The local school volunteered their parking lot on a Saturday morning. We setup flow in one direction (cars could only come in one entrance and leave through the other end). As the cars pulled up, volunteers removed the items and sorted them (5S rules!) into the different types of electronics so it will be easier to recycle.

I was amazed on how much was dropped off during the event. If you think about it, everybody probably has some electronic items that could be recycled like old cell phones, computers, printers, TVs and more.

So if your local community has a recycling program or an e-cycling program, please participate. It only takes minutes to load up the car, drive over and drop it off. You’ll be helping a charity and practicing good lean practices. Don’t forget “Lean is Green”, reduce-reuse-recycle.

– Tony

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