Gaining Management’s Support for 5S – Part I

February 7, 2012

The following post is from our comprehensive benchmarking survey and free eBook “The Very Best of 5S”.

Management Support for 5S There are some very interesting findings related to management support:

  • The higher the level of management, the higher level of initial support
  • Supervisors provide the most amount of initial resistance and have one of the largest positive changes in current support
  • Managers have the largest positive change from initial support to current support

Initial and Current Level of Cooperation based on Management Level Rating scale: 1 = low, 5 = high

Supervisor Level of Support of 5S

Manager Level of Support of 5S

Executive Manager Level of Support of 5S

Vice President Level of Support of 5S

President/CEO Level of Support of 5S

As you can see from theses bar charts that the “current” level of cooperation from management is has shifted and is higher after initial implementation — with the most support typically coming from the President/CEO.

Sample comments from respondents

[We] Didn’t kick into high gear until the owners of the company say “we’re going to do this” and actively audited the facility daily for a few weeks.

Unfortunately the plant manager doesn’t buy in on this. He leads the way, and by his example it shows “he doesn’t care” to the plant. Very disappointing.

CEO supports the 5S efforts.

Senior Managers and Middle Managers need to show more support and Supervisors need to get more involved and hold their subordinates accountable.

Every level of Management is involved at our facility. We all know we have to be lean in order to be successful in today’s business world.

CEO driven.

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