5S Supply is pleased to announce its affiliation with Gemba Academy.Gemba Academy

5S Supply is always seeking out ways to continue to bring value to its customers and having access to Gemba Academy highly rated training videos will assist any organization on their lean journey. With over 230 high quality videos available 24/7 this subscription service is a great way to train people on lean concepts. 

About Gemba Academy

The mission of Gemba Academy LLC is to provide high quality online video training for individuals and groups. By leveraging leading edge technologies such as high definition (HD) video delivered via a global network of servers on high bandwidth connections, they can deliver high quality training, on demand, anywhere in the world. Gemba Academy was created by three of the leading providers of business transformation knowledge and services. Their experience and networks allows them to tap into the best content and knowledge resources available.

“Partnering with 5S Supply is a great fit for Gemba Academy. Our goals are the same – to help organizations learn and apply lean principles and practices. We’re excited about this new avenue to help educate and advance awareness of lean thinking.” – Ron Pereira, Managing Partner, Gemba Academy LLC.

Gemba Academy DVDsTo celebrate this new partnership, 5S Supply and Gemba Academy have put together a limited time special offer. Get 34 DVDs free with a 6 month subscription. Click here for more details>> Lean Training DVDs.

Benefits of Gemba Academy Training

  • Cost Effective – A one year subscription to Gemba Academy costs less than bringing in most consultants for a single day.
  • Site-based Subscription – you pay one price to train all associates in a single site. There are tiered discount pricing available for multi-site subscriptions.
  • Self-paced Learning – online based training allows your associates to learn at their own pace – or fill up a conference room and train a group of people at one time.
  • Enhanced Instructor Lead Training – add a little variety to live classroom style training (think day 1 of kaizen events) by mixing in short and energetic Gemba Academy videos.
  • Slow Internet? No Problem – all Gemba Academy videos are available on DVDs for those times reliable Internet access isn’t available
  • Off-line Learning – downloadable learning material (PDFs, Excel templates, Quizzes, etc.) allows the learning to continue offline.
  • Spend more time in Gemba – no need to travel to training seminars saving money and time away from the gemba, or the place the work is done.
  • The Lean Journey and Lean Learning Never Ends – New training content added regularly creating an extremely dynamic learning environment.
  • Kaizen Case Studies – real life kaizen case studies included in learning modules along with interviews from lean thinking leaders from all over the world.
  • Learn from the Best – Gemba Academy is affiliated with the Kaizen Institute allowing you to tap into the best lean thinking minds in the world.
  • World-class Video Delivery SystemFlash and iOS ready videos are streamed through a Global Network of Edge servers meaning it doesn’t matter if you are in Arkansas or New Zealand… these videos will play.

Having items organized, at point-of-use and visual solves many problems in the workplace. That’s why these display stands are a perfect solution to help you on your lean journey. At 5S Supply we carry eight different models and 30 different styles of Qual Tech Display, Information and Inspection Stands. Check out this quick video that showcases a couple of these stands.

In the Sunday, April 1st edition of the Chicago Tribune Business section there was an opinion piece by David Grossman talking about Greg Smith, retired executive director at Goldman Sachs. Mr. Smith wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times talking about how his ex-employer cares more about making money than the interests of their clients.

It made me think “What would employees say about their particular company?” If an employee left and had the chance to tell you how they really feel about the company, what would they say? First of all, most employees that leave are leaving for a reason like a new job, just fed up, laid-off, moving or a myriad of other reasons, so they might not always have a glowing homage of their tenure there.

I remember when I left a company for greener pastures I declined to do the “exit interview”. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk about it; I just knew that whatever I told them would have absolutely no effect on how the company continued to operate. How did I know this? Because other people that left told me what they said during their exit interviews and I know that nothing changed because of their comments.

What would your employees say about your company? Would they say “management cares about the employees and customers?” Would they say that “management clearly communicates the vision and direction of the organization?” Or would they have other comments?

As any part of good hansei (honest reflection) think about what others would say about your company and then use these comments for continuous improvement.