Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

May 14, 2012

This just started out as one of those silly jokes about Lean Champions (see last bullet) and it kept growing from there.

Ask people in your organization about this picture and here might be some responses:

  • Pessimist – the glass is half empty
  • Optimist – the glass is half full
  • Economist – this may be a good economic indicator or bad economic indicator
  • Accountant – go out and count it each month
  • Marketing Manager – it should have scotch in it
  • Sales Manager – this is the best hydrating water available, filtered by nature in an easy pour, see through container and its diet too
  • Customer Service Rep – we can ship half now and the other half is on back-order
  • Scheduler using ERP – you have to wait until we run the report to tell you what to do
  • Production Manager – fill it all the way up and add 10% more and go fill five more glasses while we can
  • Production Supervisor – can I drink it? It’s hot in here
  • Water-filler Operator – I’ll fill it to whatever level you want
  • Purchasing Manager – fill it all the way up with the cheapest water we can find
  • Inventory Control – when the new water comes in, make sure we maintain First-in, First-out (FIFO) integrity
  • Logistics Manager – I can’t ship a half full glass of water; that will cost too much. Wait until it is full
  • Quality Control – it is a clear, odorless liquid that we will run three hours of tests on
  • Safety Manager – where’s the MSDS?
  • Consultant – it is a glass that is half-filled with water
  • Scientist – it is a full glass with half water and half filled with air
  • Research & Development – we have H2O molecules that have thousands of uses
  • Lean Champion – the glass is twice as big as it needs to be

See, Lean can be fun (kind of). If you have others you like to add, feel free. – Tony

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