Well, it happened again this year. The marketing department did not budget money for 5S Supply to run an ad in the Super Bowl. I definitely see a trend here. When will they ever learn?

Just because of their lack of planning we didn’t want our fans to suffer so we’d like to share our trailer with you. Based off the blockbuster film “The Avengers”; think “5S Avengers”. Our 5S Avengers will help save mankind (or at least help you recognize abnormal conditions). Enjoy!


At 5S Supply we believe strongly in giving back and investing in the local community and was a proud sponsor of the Third Annual Christmas Tree and Holiday Light Recycling program.

The event was organized by 5S Supply’s very own Customer Care Manager, Jennifer Molski. Jennifer founded the program three years ago after moving to the area and being surprised to see so many Christmas Trees at the curb on their way to landfill with vital nutrients being wasted. She knew there had to be a better way and saw this as a great opportunity to bring the community together around an important cause – the environment.

The response to the program has been tremendous! This year’s effort collected 500 Trees and 1,500 pounds of Lights. The Trees are chipped and mulched and used on the trails at Irons Oaks while the non-working Lights are separated by plastic, copper and glass then recycled. The event was held December 29 and January 5 at Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center located South of Chicago near 5S Supply’s headquarters.

Jennifer shared that “by working for 5S Supply the past several years I have become much more conscious about the environment and am grateful to work in such an enriching workplace. At our warehouse we practice Green thinking, practice waste reduction and continuously seek out way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

Click here to view a short video on the program>> Christmas Tree Recycling

As part of yokoten (Japanese for sharing best practices) 5S Supply sponsored the “One Good Idea” Photo Challenge along with help from GBMP and the Visual Workplace. Participants were encouraged to share before and after photos of an area they improved using 5S and Visual Lean Principles.

The photo challenge allowed Lean practitioners to share their improvement ideas so that others may learn from them.

The criterion for selection was based on:

  1. Originality
  2. A focus on lean and visual principles
  3. Impact to your work-space or organization

Entrants were encourage to mention the issue or problem that was trying to be solved, the solution that was implemented, benefits and who helped create the solution.

The winners selected were:

First Place - AfterFirst Place – $500 gift certificate for merchandise from 5S Supply

Frank Gorena, Corporate Director of Operational Excellence BE Aerospace

Final Staging Station – Consumables


Second Place - AfterSecond Place – two DVDs from GBMP

Tony Recchia, Senior Manufacturing Engineer Ward Leonard Electric Company Inc

Contact Production Cell


Third Place - AfterThird Place – a Color Standards Template from the Visual Workplace

Bonnie Hauge, President CAS Adaptive Solutions

Professional Aircraft Accessories – Accessories Shop

5S Supply would like to thank the distinguished panel of judges Pat Wardwell, LGC, COO, GBMP, Rhonda Kovera, CEO, Visual Workplace, Inc. and Chris Abrey, LBC Accurate Perforating for their time and effort in reviewing and scoring the entries.

Stay tuned because we will have a webinar with the winners explaining their improvements!

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Stop by http://www.5Ssupply.com for more information on how to apply lean principles or to improve your workplace. You can give us a call at 888 4 LEAN 5S (888-453-2657) or drop us a line at info@5Ssupply.com. We love to talk Lean and would be glad to help out. 5S Supply is the premier provider of Lean supplies, training and services.