Here’s a Great Way to Get Organized with AkroGrids

January 15, 2013

Whether it’s part of your New Year’s resolution or just a good idea — being organized saves time, money and reduces stress. These bins come in nine different sizes, four colors and have options including: long and short dividers, clear lids, label holders and wheeled dollies. Get and stay organized with Akro-Grids. Akro-Grid Containers allow you to customize your storage solution.

One of the key elements of 5S or being organized is to “Set-in-Order” which means “A place for everything and everything in its place.” By using AkroGrid color-coded bins with clear lids and label holders you, or any member of your team can quickly find what is needed — no time wasted searching for things. You can also customize these containers to fit your specific needs with the optional dividers. The long and short dividers allow you to subdivide the container down to a 1-1/8″ square compartment size so you can create hundreds of different sizes. The bins are injection molded from industrial-grade polymers, which resist most solvents and chemicals. Its ribbed design gives added strength and strong stacking ability. Akro-Grid containers are compatible with most racks, shelving, and automated material handling equipment. Colors choices are Red, Blue, Gray, and Clear. These stackable containers can be moved quickly and easily with the optional dolly for better material handling or creating a Lean Pull/Kanban System with items at Point-of-Use. These are perfect for holding parts, components or items for manufacturers, hospitals, office areas and even your home. By using containers like the Akro-Grids you can have a better handle on your inventory accuracy, shorten lead-times by having the right item where you need it, optimize your storage space by minimizing the footprint, and improve parts or component protection. For additional versatility, combine the Akro-Grids and dollies with Material Handling Systems like Mono Rails, Parking Slots, and FIFO Rail systems to complete a well-organized Lean Pull System.

Stop by http://www.5Ssupply.com for more information on how to apply lean principles or to improve your workplace. You can give us a call at 888 4 LEAN 5S (888-453-2657) or drop us a line at info@5Ssupply.com. We love to talk Lean and would be glad to help out. 5S Supply is the premier provider of Lean supplies, training and services.

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