5S Supply’s Photo Challenge Winners

January 23, 2013

As part of yokoten (Japanese for sharing best practices) 5S Supply sponsored the “One Good Idea” Photo Challenge along with help from GBMP and the Visual Workplace. Participants were encouraged to share before and after photos of an area they improved using 5S and Visual Lean Principles.

The photo challenge allowed Lean practitioners to share their improvement ideas so that others may learn from them.

The criterion for selection was based on:

  1. Originality
  2. A focus on lean and visual principles
  3. Impact to your work-space or organization

Entrants were encourage to mention the issue or problem that was trying to be solved, the solution that was implemented, benefits and who helped create the solution.

The winners selected were:

First Place - AfterFirst Place – $500 gift certificate for merchandise from 5S Supply

Frank Gorena, Corporate Director of Operational Excellence BE Aerospace

Final Staging Station – Consumables


Second Place - AfterSecond Place – two DVDs from GBMP

Tony Recchia, Senior Manufacturing Engineer Ward Leonard Electric Company Inc

Contact Production Cell


Third Place - AfterThird Place – a Color Standards Template from the Visual Workplace

Bonnie Hauge, President CAS Adaptive Solutions

Professional Aircraft Accessories – Accessories Shop

5S Supply would like to thank the distinguished panel of judges Pat Wardwell, LGC, COO, GBMP, Rhonda Kovera, CEO, Visual Workplace, Inc. and Chris Abrey, LBC Accurate Perforating for their time and effort in reviewing and scoring the entries.

Stay tuned because we will have a webinar with the winners explaining their improvements!

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