Protect Sensitive Electronics With ESD Foam

July 12, 2013

5S Supply now offers ESD Foam Kits

ESD Custom Foam Drawer Liner

ESD Custom Foam Drawer Liner

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), the sudden release of static electricity – can cause damage to electronics and integrated circuits. For manufacturers of electronic components it becomes necessary to protect these items with anti-static devices like ESD Foam.  Conductive foam is used in many branches of industry as an effective method to control static electricity and risks due to electrostatic discharge

5S Supply carries DIY Custom Foam Drawers Liners that are rated for ESD. The anti-static polyethylene foam is durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded and has an ESD Certificate Class A and B. This foam is ideally suited for shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulating and to cushion components. Impervious to most chemicals, non-abrasive and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

This DIY kit contains:

  • (1) Anti-static foam, pink 26-1/4″ x 39″ x 1/4″
  • (1) Conductive foam, black, 26-1/4″ x 39″ x 1/4″, with adhesive tracing paper
  • Instructions

These do-it-yourself kits allow anyone to organize their tools or work space and protect them from static buildup.  The two color foam (pink is anti-static along with contrasting black) makes it easy to see if anything is missing.

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