At 5S Supply we believe strongly in giving back and investing in the local community and was a proud sponsor of the Third Annual Christmas Tree and Holiday Light Recycling program.

The event was organized by 5S Supply’s very own Customer Care Manager, Jennifer Molski. Jennifer founded the program three years ago after moving to the area and being surprised to see so many Christmas Trees at the curb on their way to landfill with vital nutrients being wasted. She knew there had to be a better way and saw this as a great opportunity to bring the community together around an important cause – the environment.

The response to the program has been tremendous! This year’s effort collected 500 Trees and 1,500 pounds of Lights. The Trees are chipped and mulched and used on the trails at Irons Oaks while the non-working Lights are separated by plastic, copper and glass then recycled. The event was held December 29 and January 5 at Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center located South of Chicago near 5S Supply’s headquarters.

Jennifer shared that “by working for 5S Supply the past several years I have become much more conscious about the environment and am grateful to work in such an enriching workplace. At our warehouse we practice Green thinking, practice waste reduction and continuously seek out way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

Click here to view a short video on the program>> Christmas Tree Recycling

Our “Remarkable Woman” – Jennifer Molski

I just wanted to share an article from the Chicago Tribune about 5S Supply’s very own Jennifer Molski, Customer Care Manager and her volunteer efforts with her re-gifting program Leave It for Love www.leaveitforlove.org and Christmas Tree and Holiday Light Recycling.

Remarkable Woman: Jennifer Molski. You’ll have to sign up to see the whole article, but it’s free!

We always knew she was a remarkable woman (and still is) and we’re so glad to have her as part of our 5S Supply Team!

Giving Back

January 10, 2011

At 5S Supply we believe strongly in giving back and investing in our local community.  We were a proud Sponsor of the First Annual Community Christmas Tree Recycling Program held the first two weekends in January in Olympia Fields, Illinois, a suburb south of Chicago located near 5S Supply’s Headquarters in Frankfort.  This event was organized by our very own Customer Care Manager, Jennifer Molski.  Jennifer moved to the community about a year and a half ago and after last Christmas was surprised to see so many Christmas Trees at the curb on their way to landfill and vital nutrients being wasted. 

She knew there had to be a better way and saw this as great opportunity to make a difference!  She approached local government municipalities to see if they could help create a recycling program.  When the municipalities said they couldn’t help because staff time and limited budgets, Jennifer decided to take matters into her own hands.  She gathered together several organizations in the community who were already invested in environmental issues including the Green Team from the local elementary school and Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center.  Irons Oaks agreed to be the drop off point for the trees and would mulch the trees and use them on their paths and trails.  Jennifer invited local businesses, organizations and individuals to serve as Sponsors and Partners and created an ad-campaign to help spread the word of this recycling opportunity as well as provide education about the benefits of a real Christmas Tree. 

Jennifer shared that “by working for 5S Supply the past couple years I have become a much better steward of our environment and I am grateful to work in such an enriching workplace.  We apply Lean is Green thinking, practice waste reduction and always seek out unique ways to Reduce, Reduce and Recycle.”   

The initial response from the community was very positive.  A simple, free and most importantly a “feel good” opportunity was created for residents of the greater South Chicagoland Area.  We are proud to announce that 300 trees were collected!

Several of 5S Supply’s Team members volunteered at the event including Jean Lareau and Marcia Moderacki from Accounting.  5S’s own Tony Manos was on hand and spent most of his time tending to the fire to keep all volunteers warm and assisting donors with removing trees from their cars.  Tony remarked, “It was such an honor to be a part of this first annual event.  I am very proud of Jennifer and the win-win opportunity she created…her innovative thinking and creativity that serves our 5S Team so well led to the creation of this program and we wish her continued success in the future.”

Remeber – Lean is Green!