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Tool Tracer TM Tool Shadows are a low cost solution to stay organized! Don’t waste time searching for tools.

5S Supply has updated and created new Tool TracerTM Tool Shadows. These shadows make it easy to identify when a tool is not in its proper place and will help you “Sustain” your 5S efforts with “tool recoil”. We now have many styles and colors to choose from.

DIY Kits

Tool Tracer Tool-ID Band

Includes our exclusive Tool Tracer Tool-ID Band

The DIY Kits come in a standard 25 piece set or a full 50 piece set. There are 11 colors to choose from: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, Grey, and White; the most colors offered in the industry. Mark your tools with the exclusive Tool-ID BandTM to match the tool shadow and location to stay organized and instantly know if something is missing or out of place.

Other Tool TracerTM Tool Shadows

  • Tool TracerTM Tool Shadow Rolls to customize your own solution
  • Shipping & Packing Station 5-piece Set
  • Broom & Dustpan Set


The Tool TracerTM Tool Shadows adhere to all types of pegboards including: wood, plastic or metal – as well as: glass, concrete, desktops or workbenches, and dry erase boards. Just peel & stick. Our Tool TracerTM Tool Shadows come with a One-point Lesson on how to apply.

Tool TracerTM Tool Shadows are Patent Pending.


  • Standard tool shapes or rolls to create customized shapes
  • Exclusive Tool-ID BandTM
  • 3 mil polymeric-blend glossy opaque calendered vinyl film
  • Long lasting, 4 year interior or exterior durability
  • Sunlight fade resistant
  • Clear permanent adhesive
  • Patent Pending


  • Mark your tools and location to stay organized and instantly know if something is missing or out of place
  • Don’t waste time searching for things, get projects and work done quicker with less effort
  • Visually pleasing and professional looking
  • Less stress when you know where your tools are
  • Sets a standard that anyone can follow
  • Perfect for 5S Set-in-order and a visual workplace

For more information, click here>> Tool Tracer Tool Shadows


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I just wanted to share some pictures from the Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference put on by the Maryland World Class Consortia and my friend Jeff Fuchs. See some of the thought leaders in Lean from their keynotes and sessions.

Thanks – Tony

Lean practitioners know that an integral part of the Toyota Production System is “Respect for People”. Recently, while working with two kaizen teams at a company relatively new to lean that were learning and applying standardized work in a manufacturing and office area, I asked the team members for their ideas on how we could “show respect” to the value-adders (the people who actually do the work) when we were in gemba (the place where the work is being done). The team members included people from production, office, QC, warehouse, team leads, and engineering. I wanted to make sure they had a good feel for the concept of showing respect for other workers.

Before doing our observations I asked the team to do a little brainstorming; here are some ideas of what they came up with:

  • Introduce yourself and the team
  • Explain what you are doing (training on standardized work, observations, etc.)
  • Put the person at ease
  • Let them know you’ll ask them questions about the process so we can learn
  • Don’t “pepper” them with questions
  • Be polite
  • Follow the “Golden Rule”
  • Compliment them if you observe something good
  • Observe their mood, body language and responses
  • Stay out of their way while they are working
  • Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if people came out with stopwatches and clipboards
  • Don’t ambush them

What do you think? How did they do? As part of hansei (reflection), how do you show respect when going to gemba?

Please, share your thoughts. – Tony