I wanted to share some thoughts from the recent 25th Annual International Shingo Conference in Provo, Utah.


Lead_ButtonI was lucky enough to attend Bob Miller’s eye-opening LEAD workshop. This session is perfect for leaders who want to understand what’s missing in their long-term success – a balance of results and behaviors. It also made me realize the difference between values and behaviors. Many organizations have written down their values (you may see them on posters on the walls in the office or boardroom), but how people interpret values is different. I remember in one of Bob’s previous presentations where he shows a cartoon with a cop and robbers. The robbers have tattoos on their arms that say “teamwork, integrity, focus”; they are showing their values. The funny part is the policeman has a notepad while interviewing the little old lady that was robbed and on the back of his notepad it says “teamwork, integrity, focus.” The police and the robbers both have the same values; it is their behaviors that are different. We need to align a company’s ideal behaviors along with ideal results. To help illustrate the point that the lean tools would only get us so far he showed a partially finished bridge. In the Lean world we were so focused on teaching the tools that we didn’t complete the bridge. We need to add systems and principles to the tools. The session also emphasizes that a leader’s job is to spend 80% of his or her time on the “why” of the behaviors in three ways: leader to leader, leader to manager and leader to associate. Explaining, communicating, teaching, coaching, and modeling the ideal behaviors to help elicit the ideal results.

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